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The Randolph-Henry High School

Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Constitution


Randolph Henry High School has a long and storied athletic tradition.  It is the mission of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee to select athletes, coaches, and contributors that meet set criteria, keeping in mind that the order is not an indication of the nominees’ value or worth.  In order to recognize the contributions of all its athletes, coaches, and significant contributors throughout its proud history, the Randolph Henry High School Athletic Department establishes this Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Constitution whose purpose is to honor by enshrinement, those individuals who had exceptional athletic careers and to recognize those contributors who have established and/or enhanced the proud tradition that is Randolph Henry High School.

The Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be an annual event sponsored by the athletic department of Randolph Henry High School.  It will be a two-day affair.  Day one will consist of a reception prior to a football game which will be determined each fall, and the presentation of the inductees will be at half-time of this game.  Day two will consist of a formal induction ceremony where the inductee will be presented by a person of his/her choice (i.e. former coach, player, faculty member, etc.)

The Hall of Fame Committee is composed of persons selected by the principal and athletic director to work through the selection process.  These committee members will consist of persons’ familiar with the history of Randolph Henry High School Athletics.

  • Alumni representatives
  • Coaches with at least 10 years of coaching experience at Randolph Henry High School
  • Others selected at the Hall of Fame Committee’s discretion

The selection process will be as follows:  

  • Nominations will be sought from the community annually through the local media and other avenues, such as the fall sports program and the athletics page on the school website.
  • Anyone is welcome to nominate.  Nomination forms will be available in the main office at RHHS and on-line at
  • The Hall of Fame Committee will process and review nomination forms to determine a list of finalists to be considered for induction.
  • The total number of inductees in any given year, excluding the inaugural class, will not exceed ten (10), and they will be selected by the selection committee from the list of submitted finalists.  
  • Any nominee not inducted in a given year may be eligible in ensuing years.  An ongoing list of nominations will be kept.
  • The deadline for nominations will be January 31st.
  • The selection committee will meet and complete the selection process will by March 1.
  • All inductees will be notified by April 1st.

Candidates eligible for nomination may be former athletes, coaches, and contributors to the Randolph Henry Athletic Department.  The criteria for nomination will be as follows:

(Click here to nominate an Athlete)

  • Must have graduated from Randolph Henry High School, and they must have attended Randolph Henry for a minimum of two years.
  • The nominee must be out of High School for ten years.
  • During and following his/her career at Randolph Henry and in the years following, the nominee must have exemplified the pride, spirit, and success that is Randolph Henry High School and be in good standing.
  • Each nominee must have participated in his/her sport during their time at Randolph Henry. Additionally, post high school achievements may be considered.  State champion teams and individuals may be automatically considered for nomination.

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  • Must have coached at Randolph Henry for a minimum of five years.
  • Active coaches may be inducted at the committee’s discretion.  

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  • Must have made a significant contribution to the Randolph Henry Athletic Department.
  • They must have made these contributions over a period of time spanning not only the time that their child attended Randolph Henry (if that is the case) but in the years following as well.  This could include someone who has had several children who attended Randolph Henry High School.

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